Thank You, Next… year is ours!!

It’s a busy time of the year and of the week; I wanted to make sure most of you guys see this post because I want to thank you. Thank you for making this year incredible in regards to this space we’ve created together. This community has brought joy and insight. You didn’t have to share your life and lessons with me or your laughs, but many many, many of you guys have and continue to do so. I truly didn’t expect the outpour and love after that initial time I opened up and decided that being REAL is all I can ever be. And so here I am. Here we are. And also, I want to wish you and your loved ones a Happy Holiday and a safe one. May it bring perspective and more of the good stuff that this season is meant for. This time might not be Merry or bright for many people and for that, I will be thinking of you and praying for you. It is a time to share and a really good time to reach out to those who need us. Let’s continue to listen, to understand, to motivate ourselves and our children – and let us remember our strength and our intentions. Being mindful will help us attain our goals, let 2019 be YOUR year!! With Love, Leigh 


Clues for Mystery Post

623B9985-EEF1-41FE-B1F9-D623FEE74BB71. It’s not slime.

2. You can eat a ton and consume plenty of Vitamin C.

3. Looks like Christmas to me, can’t beet it!

Holiday Lemon Chicken

I like to create a festive table with many moving pieces. What does that mean? Well, you’ll always have the classics and the staples, like a huge roast and stuffing or a ham with your Mom’s favourite childhood glaze. But the truth is, everyone has different dishes they look forward to. Having multiple side dishes keeps movement and conversation at the table and it’s a great way to get new flavours on their tastebuds. The trick to this simple simple Lemon Chicken? It’s the marinade that does all the work over night. Check it out here:


6-8 pieces of chicken thighs or 8-10 drums

1 can of crushed pineapples w/ all the liquid

Juice & zest of one whole lemon

1/2 cup of freshly grated ginger

1/2 cup parsley

1 tsp of cumin

A pinch of sea salt & cracked black pepper


In a large ziplock bag, toss all these ingredients and seal. Let the juices infuse for at least 8 hours in the fridge. When you’re ready to cook, you can grill ‘em or toss in the oven to roast at 350 degrees for 45 minutes.


If you try it, please tag me and I will happily repost: @SeedsOfThree on IG







7 Reasons why a Classic Caesar Salad is a favourite go-to

1. There is something so fresh and festive in a Caesar bowl with just simple ingredients.

2. Memories. For many many days of my pregnancy with my middle child, this is what I quickly devoured for brunch. My Co-workers probably thought I was nuts, but if you know me, than you would know it`s easy for me to drown out unnecessary judgement. And plus, my hormones didn`t allow  me eat anything else for brunch.

3. It`s a time saver. It’s quick a meal. I always say that 90% of the work it takes to prepare a meal is done in the grocery store. With the right ingredients, a grand shopping list and with good preparation, eating healthy is a piece of cake.

4. Nutrients. Romaine and iceberg lettuce are my usual go-to, along with lots of fresh lemon. That alone holds much vitamins and antioxidants that we all need. It`s probably the reason I`ve trained myself to have a salad for breakfast. Try it!

5. I`ve always adored savory foods and crunchy foods – you truly get the best of both worlds with this nutritious dish. And often times, you can even replace the chicken with tuna or tofu.

6. When you add a protein to any salad, it sustains you for a longer period of time, which really helps when you`re on the go. But I find that I tend to make more and more salads because they are so versatile. This Caesar salad has chicken but you can even replace the chicken with tuna or tofu or yummy walnuts.

7. Lead by example. I have to admit, a lot of my favorite things to eat and prepare are because of the memories I have growing up. As I write up this list, I remember my Mom telling me the importance of vegetables and leafy greens. I have memories of my parents eating tons of salad, and for that, I am so grateful. Children truly do learn from the example we set.



Morning friends,

What a whirlwind of a week! I just wanted to take a moment and thank you for all the love and support. With every, Like, comment, question and DM – I am so moved and grateful. I am fortunate to have a community on here like ours. Recipes will be posted in the next few days. So come by and check back! xx Leigh

Weekly Wellness Lessons


It’s barely Thursday, but I have a brain full of lessons, ideas, inspiration and things that make me want to vomit. I’m pretty pretty honest, so if this isn’t your thing, I totally get it if you close this window. But since you’re here, thank you for stopping by.

This week has been so great so far. Every God-given day truly is. I’d like to see it that way. You know, Instagram is a funny funny place to park your car and stay for awhile. You do what you want with it and you can either open up, spectate and sometimes be unexpectedly moved. It’s no secret that I’ve come to learn so much about myself and how every journey intrigues me, especially my own. Whether I’ve known you my whole life or I’ve just bumped into you in a trinket store, I somehow can easily be all-ears and it will open me up. For some reason, for some imaginable reason – it matters to me.

In the last 72 hours I’ve received messages and comments that were crazy-kind. For anyone to stop what they’re doing and write me anything more than one letter is a present to me and I will always always think so. And they mean so much more than the average assumption. Thank you guys. I’ve been so blessed to get a number of direct messages and posts and reposts and comments from people who are family, who are like family, complete strangers and from people I have somehow touched. And the last three days, and in three separate messages, three separate people used the would ‘loyal.’

Now when I think of the people and their character who have impacted me, whether they are still here or not, it is their character that I carry in my mind. Somehow with all the busy-ness in my head, I find adequate room for all those details that I admire.

Wellness means being free and honoring yourself. It means taking care of yourself and whatever it takes to be completely raw, shaken, moved and you. It’s that feeling you get when you’re feet are light, you feel good and you’ve managed to put on your wings instead of leaving them home that morning.

When I read those separate sentences, with that word ‘loyal,’ it affected my ‘wellness’ (this week) because I was suddenly reminded of all the people who doubted me and who told me those doubts to my face as a child and a young adult. There was an intimate flashback where I recalled the taunting. The people who were unkind, un-loyal and took no pauses to stab me in the back allowed me to learn what loyalty IS and was. They showed me what I didn’t want to become. This isn’t a sob blog – I don’t want you to feel bad for me. In fact, I held a heavy heart earlier because of the way I now project wellness and perseverance.  And of course how I view it and define it. Maybe I didn’t understand that as a child and young adult, we have places here. We’re suppose to be here. That those interference completely and absolutely had to do with the voids that they had in them. I was a walking target. I wasn’t full comfortable in my skin compared to these days. And my lesson learned is this, I can’t change the past. Nor do I have a need to. How I react is my karma, which is what my idol Wayne Dyer taught me. Rest in peace Dr. Dyer.

We each belong here. We each have stories to tell. It is your sole choice to decide what affects you and your well-being – and you have control over that.

Being a person who listens and who makes people laugh and makes people think, comes naturally to me, I feel. My character is important to me and what I stand for.

Lesson: there is something quite special when you are authentic. There is something to it. There is honesty to creating your own world – where you feel more comfortable doing the opposite of what everyone else is doing. Don’t be anything less than you because being you is everything that will ever ever ever matter.


Veggie Tales & Secrets

A72B4A97-D76E-4CA1-AFEE-07F981E25758One of the most popular questions I get is, ‘how do I get my kid to eat vegetables?’ To me, it’s not just a valid concern or a common concern, but a serious situation. Truth is, I grew up eating lots of vegetables and loving it because my parents were big on Exploration. They allowed me to figure out what texture differed from others and they wanted to expand my palette. And for that, I am so grateful.

Naturally, I’ve done the same for my kids – throwing everything I could find while they were (and are) so young. And I’d like to think I’ve taken many of my Parents lessons and have evolved creatively.

There are so many gorgeous types of produce available compared to when I was little. The colours scream at me and it is not unusual for me to do cartwheels at our local market.

Here are a few of my tips that have been successful for me:

1. Just like a dessert bar, create a cute and bright salad bar. This doesn’t mean they ‘have’ to eat leafy greens, it just means that introducing greens or other vegetables (and fruit) can be unconventional. It gets them in there and they will be able to take ownership for their choices.

2. Salad toppings! Man, this really works! I roast a lot of veggies. And I also dry fruit. When many of them caramazlizes and crunch up, they are so much more appealing and tasty for kids. I don’t ever remember giving my kids croutons, not that I’m against it, they’ve just had fresher items to choose from. Roasted tomatoes, crispy onions, roasted radishes, crunchy fruit like dried apples and dried peaches are favs; the list does go on.

3. Something strange and often different can capture your kids attention. But instead of adding gummy worms or m&ms in their bowls, try things that they never ever would see elsewhere. Seaweed, pretzels, shrimp, edamame beans, dark chocolate, green-peas, toasted tortillas and so on. Make it weird!!

3. When you’re out and about at a farm, or markets or even the grocery store, get the kids a basket. Encourage them to add items that look interesting, curious and vibrant. Feature each choice on a platter (when you get home) – give them the spotlight – and get each family member to try it and make notes on what they thought and tasted. One or two of these could easily be the new family favorite!

You’ll get there!!

xx Leigh