Getting to know Me


Hey! I’m writing on an early Tuesday morning, while a thousand pieces of clothing is set for my laundry day – that awaits suds, attention and the enthusiasm I have to find. I never thought in a million years that I’d be blogging and answering questions about myself. The Instagram community that has been so supportive and such a learning tool has opened up this platform – where I’ve been able to meet incredible people. So THANK YOU!

SeedsOfThree on IG wasn’t anything planned. My parents instilled in us the importance of healthy eating, however a lot of the recipes and habits and shortcuts I’ve been using, came from the survival mode we all tend to be thrown in as a new Mom. As a child, I naturally gravitated to a lot of produce. Anything green was a love and my taste-buds were formed that way earlier on. But it was when I was pregnant with my second that things suddenly woke me up. Okay, it didn’t wake me up, it shook me and hard! You know that dreaded sugar test that pregnant Moms have to take at a certain point of your term? That cute orange bottle, that isn’t so cute after the first sip? And first gag? Well, after I completed it and congratulated myself that I actually kept it down, I received a call at work (soon after) that I had ‘Gestational Diabetes.’

Gestational Diabetes is a condition that pregnant women attains where high blood sugar levels are reached. In the long haul, the kids are at higher risk of developing type 2 diabetes or can become overweight. It basically means, it is caused by not enough insulin in the setting of insulin resistance.

I have to admit that without fully knowing what it was, I freaked out. I immediately informed my boss of the steps. There was a full class that my hospital/OB provided, which was so informative and gave me so much peace. I was also matched with an amazing Dietitian who quickly told me that my case wasn’t as serious, that because I was borderline; I wouldn’t need insulin shots. From that moment, and after seeking as much information as I could and from the right resources, I knew I had to make a lifestyle change. I knew that there is always room for improvement. And I knew that I wasn’t just doing this for me. The fear that took place after that first initial call, meant that I had to lead by example. It meant that I had to instill more that just a made-up vegetable song; we had to apply these new steps and as a family, it was imperative that it was priority.

In the fall of 2016, I created a Instagram profile to document my hits and misses when it came to meal prep and introducing new foods to my family. Mind you, my family already ate a lot of healthy options – I just needed to step it up, but most of all, I had to communicate what we were eating and list all the reasons why.

After time, it wasn’t as challenging and the words behind all those Instagram filters, meant something more to me. I was sharing recipes and my techniques to people who cared. It slowly became this place of pride and encouragement. It was totally unexpected but continues to be so delightful. I knew I could make a difference after I was pleasantly surprised that many many many people around the globe, we’re in a similar place that I was in.

If you’re new to my feed, welcome! And thank you! On my blog and on Instagram, you will quickly see a lot of food and lifestyle photos. Because I absolutely dislike being in the kitchen for more than 35 minutes, I’ve incorporated easy, fresh and nutritious meals that you probably will create over and over again. I’m that mom who really wants to spend all my time playing with my kids and family, and not stand in the kitchen stirring and mixing and baking and then more stirring while I miss all the fun. You’ll also notice that my sense of humor gets me through the challenges that sometimes arises from being human. And you’ll probably understand right away that I don’t believe in depriving one from your favorite foods and dishes. It’s quite nice to enjoy ‘sometimes’ foods – and it’s very very nice to replace certain unhealthy options/ingredients with other foods you will grow to love.

TIP: One of the biggest things I write with my posts is about preparation. I truly believe that 90% of the work happens in the grocery store. How, you might say? Assembling and prepping your meals can only be done in a stress-free environment when you are prepared and have stocked up your fridge. Some of the meals I make, have 4-5 main ingredients, but because their fresh, they’re satisfying and good for you.

Thank you for all the DMs and messages, I answer every single question! Sending you love and light and support with the life you lead and with anything you could be struggling with. xx Leigh


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