Intro: Stumbling & Winging it


This is usually where I introduce myself and write two truths and a lie, right? Well, to defeat all blog-traditions and cloud rules, I’ll make it simple and completely brief. That photo of me right above this blurb, well, sums it all up. All I want to do is laugh… and ok, eat. I love empowering my kids and my family.  I love helping people. And thanks to my parents, I’ve embraced the fact that I bring a certain weirdness and authenticity to this world. (Thank you Phil & Thess.)

@SeedsOfThree is my Instagram handle and it was created to document the new foods my family and I were trying, loving and disliking. I came up with the name one fall afternoon and saved it without a second thought. Slowly, and like the snowball effect (winter… bleh) I was getting questions. A few people from across the globe, probably using free-cafe wifi,  DM’d me, asking questions like ‘how do I get my kid to eat anything green?‘ or “what is a homemade dish I can make when I meet my boyfriends parents for the first time?” The list of questions went on and on, and to be honest, it floored me. It continues to floor me. You know, I truly think that you never ever get to learn EVERYTHING. I literally wake up, smile and give the day my best. And sometimes it works out and I’m that crazy women in High Park doing uncoordinated jumping jacks in celebration. And other days, it’s a progress. The bigger picture is that I remind myself, all of these collection of days are ALL OK. There is no rule book on how to feed your kids. There’s not a decibel level on how loud you can laugh. And there isn’t another version of you that can do it better than YOU.

I welcome you to my little humble space here and thank you for visiting. My little wins, shared love or strange experiences will most likely be captured here on a weekly basis. I thank you again!

With love,
Leigh xx

Photo credit: Corinne Taylor



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