10 Tips for Grocery Shopping


A trip to the local store or fresh market sounds easy enough, right? Well, it is however there are little tricks you can do to save money, be a little more pantry-organized and good to your body.

  1. Lists, lists, lists! Whether it’s a memory thing or an organizational thing or even an OCD thing, a good old fashion list can make or break your budget. Instead of going through the same aisles 3-4 times or buying things that you really really don’t need, a list can save you from all that trouble. I don’t miss those guessing-game visits only to find I bought the same thing twice two weeks ago. Preparation is also a grand tool.
  2. Cupboard/Fridge walk-through: Have you ever stared at certain product on a store shelf, asking yourself if you’re out of something or if you have it in stock – looking at the label like it’s gonna jump out and tell you? Doing a quick run-through of what you have, need and don’t have can be a time-saver. It only takes a few minutes before you leave the house.
  3. Big box, little box: If you’re making a run to the market and head for the carts, you might start filling that big empty space with items you probably don’t need. Sticking to the list can be a challenge for some already; so grabbing a smaller size basket instead, will steer your way through the store with a clearer mind.
  4. Purchase in bulk: Thank you Costco! Is there anything that needs to be said for buying in bulk? Whether you are buying a large amount of quinoa or extra large jugs of olive oil, you’re always going to save on time and money. Thinking ahead, preparing yourself and your home are always feel-good plans.
  5. Scheduling: Often times it seems like common sense to complete all errands on the weekends. Is it a fun idea when everyone in your town thinks so too? Shopping during less-traffic hours of operation can help you achieve a smoother trip. When there is more space to concentrate and less bustle, you’ll most likely make better decisions. Making a visit Monday – Wednesday after work will cut down on distractions.
  6. Nutritional Facts is a fact: It’s almost produce-law that the more hands that touch your food, the more unhealthy it is for you. And chances are, the items found without a label are smarter choices. Have you ever seen someone check the nutritional facts as they grab a handful of green beans? That never happens! Good choices lead to good habits.
  7. Full belly shopping syndrome: It’s an old theory that you should never go grocery shopping with an empty stomach. You probably hear it a lot, and that’s because it’s very true. Arriving at a place that has access to your favorite foods and sometimes sample tables can really alter your purpose. You’ll end up purchasing items you probably don’t need, which stems to a bigger issues: wasting time, wasting food and wasting money.
  8. What’s in a label? I never believed in torture or depriving yourself of something. Moderation is definitely key. However, when you are shopping with a plan with your consumption on the horizon, checking ingredient lists can be a good thing. If you start paying attention to what you are buying from the middle section of the store, you might find ingredients that you either can’t pronounce or have no idea what they are. And that should pose for some concern if not a huge red flag, what are these chemicals that you are feeding your family? And is it worth looking into replacements?
  9. Lessons in Exploration Your attitude with about your food intake and reasons for breathing can impact so many areas in your life. There’s tons of good, nutritious foods out there that are calling your name. Be adventurous and brave when it comes to stepping out of your comfort zone. Try healthier options. Even something as simple as picking up a different colour pear or an odd looking vegetable can enhance the course of your intentions. Maybe cooking a whole meal without any packaged/manufactured food could be a good start for you. Small changes can truly truly create better long term health.
  10. Conscious Purpose! The point of replenishing your home is to replenish you and your families well-being. Creating an understanding of the importance of fresh food and less-manufactured items will really help you and your family get ahead. And get healthy! Being conscious of the consequences with junk food and what it really does can affect your mood, what you need to accomplish, it affects your lifestyle and future. Happy shopping and have fun!



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